Ukrainian Food : 5 Dishes That Warm Up Winter in Ukraine

Spending your winter season in Ukraine?

These 5 Ukrainian foods are your best bet to combat the bone-chilling cold of Ukrainian winter!

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Indulge in the best of Ukrainian cuisine and find out what
Ukrainian food is best to stay warm this winter season.|
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When visiting a culturally rich country like Ukraine, it would almost be a sin to miss out on traditional Ukrainian food.

Ukraine is definitely not an exception.

While the list things to do may be overwhelming, a trip will never be complete without trying Ukrainian food.

5 Popular Dishes For Ukrainian Winters

We’ve managed to round up a list of food in Ukraine that perfectly compliment the infamous cold winters.

It’s not every day that you’ll get to try authentic Ukrainian food, so buckle up for this one:

  • Borscht
  • Don’t be alarmed by its bloody color. The redness is actually caused by stewing the beet-root.
  • Other key ingredients like bone-in beef shanks, carrots, cabbage, and beef stock give this stew a hearty and rustic taste. Most Ukrainians consider borscht THE perfect dish during winter.
  • To keep up with the times, there are now a few variations of borscht to choose from. The most popular variations maintain the traditional borscht recipe.
  • Traditional Ukrainian borscht always includes beef and another one that is increasingly gaining in popularity: vegetarian borscht.
  • Kapusta
  • Cabbage is one of the most important crops in Ukrainian cuisine. It is so important in fact that it is almost always present in almost every Ukrainian dish. As such, it’s no wonder why this leafy vegetable would take center stage during the holidays.
  • The star ingredient is sauerkraut, which is basically pickled cabbage and gives the dish a strong sour flavor. Almost every household cooks this dish differently. Some versions include chicken, pork, carrots, marjoram, garlic, onion, and some more slices of cabbage. All the ingredients are diced, sauteed, and then stewed in chicken stock, which makes for a bowl of hearty soup.
  • Vareniki
  • This dumpling dish could be eaten all year round however the filling changes depending on the season. During the holidays, the dumpling (which is made out of unleavened dough) is stuffed with chopped vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, cottage cheese, and berries.
  • This slightly sweetened version makes it perfect for the holidays because even the young ones can enjoy it.
  • Vinaigrette
  • This is probably one of the simplest dishes on the holiday menu. To make this dish, all you need is boiled potatoes, beets, carrots, and beans.
  • You can make it more flavorful by adding raw onions, parsley, and olive oil. Nevertheless, what it lacks in ingredients, it makes up for in flavor. It’s also one of the healthiest dishes, so you wouldn’t feel as guilty eating it.
  • Kutia
  • This is considered one of the staple dishes during Christmas making it an important food in Ukrainian culture. The fare is simple enough, made from cooked wheat, barley, and poppy seeds.
  • However, this dish is served pretty late in the evening. That’s because families leave some leftover Kutia for the souls of their ancestors. Because of this solemn tradition, this is also one of the most sacred foods in Ukraine.

Experiencing the Full Beauty of Odessa Ukraine

Ukraine will not only fill your eyes with beautiful scenery and leave you with fun and memorable experiences. The gastronomic wonders of the country are equally worthy of recognition as well.

With more foreigners than ever traveling to cities like Odessa, eating traditional cuisine has become common.

Many foreign men that visit Ukraine are doing so to meet single women for the purposes of starting a meaningful relationship. Dating a woman from Ukraine will involve immersion into Ukrainian culture, which includes eating traditional dishes even after returning home.

If you’re serious about dating and marrying a Ukrainian woman, you must become fluent in the culture of Ukraine.

Nothing will introduce you to the culture of Ukraine quite like experiencing traditional dishes while in Odessa.

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