Pros and Cons of Rebound Relationships

The dating scene can be pretty intimidating, especially after you’ve just ended a long term relationship. But if you are serious about settling down, you’ll have to start dating again eventually.

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And one of the biggest dilemmas in the dating world is whether to enter a rebound relationship or not. For those that don’t know, a rebound is a casual or light relationship a person gets into right after ending a serious one. While rebounds are usually devoid of any emotional attachments, it’s not a far-fetched possibility that it blossoms into loving relationship eventually.

Although it’s not necessarily the definition of real love, rebound relationships can still be the start of something great.

When it comes to relationship advice regarding rebounds, the most important would have to be knowing whether it works for you or not. To know for sure, here are the pros and cons of a rebound:


  • Light, fun, and less expectations.
    Rebounds are the distraction you need to help you get over a breakup. Regardless of whether it ended amicably or not, rebounds are just the pick-me-up you need. That’s because it affirms that someone else could want you. It makes you realize that there are other women out there.
  • It’s easier to transition to a new relationship.
  • Whether the rebound lasts for a while or not, it does help you get ready for when you are about to enter a serious relationship. And because you have to go through the ritual of getting to know people, you won’t be as nervous to interact with potential matches.
  • It helps you discover what you really want in a woman and in a relationship.
    A rebound is also the perfect testing ground to find out what you want out of a relationship. Even if it isn’t serious, at least you can gauge what you are looking for in a woman. You can also use that time to discover what your relationship deal-breakers are.


  • Higher likelihood of incompatibility with your date. There’s a chance that whoever you date right after a break won’t get along with you as well as your ex. As a result, the date becomes awkward. That is one of the risks of rebounds, you never really know whether you are compatible or not.
  • It’s usually not build for the long haul.
    If you and your rebound are incompatible, there’s a chance that the relationship will only provide temporary pleasure. The question is whether it ends amicably or in a wreck. Either way, it can only be a temporary distraction and cure for loneliness.
  • Differences in expectations.
    Aside from incompatibility, you two might want different things out of the rebound. This miscommunication could cause the relationship to end badly. You also won’t feel satisfied or fulfilled.

In the end, only you can decide whether a rebound works for you or not. What’s important is that you do it for the right reasons and with the right person. And you might just find love when you least expect it.

Hopefully, this relationship advice can help you decide whether you should seek a rebound or not. If you are interested in more relationship advice for men, simply check out our blog for more tips. But if you are ready to start dating again, simply sign up and join one of our singles tours to Ukraine.

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