Odessa Tourism | Navigating The Pearl of The Black Sea

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Learn about the city of Odessa in Ukraine and which tourist spots you should visit while you’re there.

Odessa is a city that is unlike any in Ukraine or Russia. The city has an old French or Mediterranean vibe creating a unique feeling that you will not experience in any other cities in the area. Traveling to Odessa and contemplating the entire scene will almost feel like traveling through time itself.

Odessa boasts a wide array of mesmerizing architecture. The city is filled with buildings that are heavily inspired by Classicist and Renaissance architecture instead of Russian, despite being once part of the Soviet Union.

Odessa used to be a free port and a naval site for Imperial Russia. During that time, it was the most important port of trade. Today, Odessa remains a vital part in Ukraine’s culture and is a famous tourist spot for people who love to get a glimpse of the art of the past and how today’s people live their lives around that. These places are also highly visited in the Odessa dating scene, so if you are also looking to meet Odessa girls while you’re there, these places are also right for you. The Odessa tourism is healthy and kicking, here are some of its major contributors.

  • The Opera House
  • The Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is the oldest opera house in Odessa and the second largest in the world, second only to La Scala in Italy. This place is one of the biggest staples in the tourism of Odessa.
  • The first opera house was built in 1810. It stood strong and tall until unfortunately, in 1783, it was brought down by raging flames. Immediately after, a fundraising was held to rebuild the building, and in 1884, reconstruction finally began. It is said by the people of Odessa that when they found out the cost of the reconstruction, they gasped in shock. When it finished construction in 1887, they gasped again, but this time in awe.
  • The theater is constructed in Neo-Baroque style.
  • Potemkin Stairs
  • The Potemkin Stairs is another staple in the tourism of Odessa, and is considered to be the symbol of the city. The Potemkin Stairs serves as an official entryway to the city from the sea.
  • The stairs have 192 steps in total, and the steps and landings were constructed in a precise manner to inflict an official illusion. If you look at the stairs from the bottom, all you will see are the steps, and if you look at it from the top, you will only see the landings.
  • The Passage
  • The Odessa Passage is a passage and a hotel situated right in the middle of the city. It used to be the best hotel in the southern area of Russia until the Brighton Hotel was erected.
  • The building boasts several sculptures inside and outside the building. It also has shops and restaurants that are perfect stop-by places for travelers who are taking a break from strolling and admiring the view.
  • The Old Town
  • The part of town that sends people to the past. When in Odessa, it is almost blasphemy not to visit the old town part of Odessa. This area is filled with numerous historical monuments and buildings that will assuredly give you a glimpse of the old days.
  • You can reach the old town by passing through the Potemkin Stairs, so you’ll be able to hit two historic and scenic locations all in just one stroll.
  • The Beach
  • The city isn’t called the Pearl of the Black Sea for no reason. Odessa beach life is as active as it can be, and bathing under the heat of the summer sun is one of the best things you can do in Odessa, and the city is definitely the best place to visit during the summer.
  • Once you visit Odessa, you will surely want to return. Trust me, there are various things to see and do in the city. You can get the chance to meet the wonderful and beautiful Ukrainian women too! You can spend a whole day on the beach, and stroll the city’s streets on the next. So what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Odessa today, or join one of our singles tours to witness the fascinating places for yourself as soon as possible.

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