How to Tell If You Have Great Chemistry

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Find out if you and your date have chemistry or not by
following our simple dating tips.

Just because you love spending time with one person doesn’t always mean you two already have great chemistry. It can be hard to tell, especially if you’ve been on a dating dry spell. As hard as this may sound, there’s a chance that only one of you enjoyed the date.

You can read a lot of dating tips on how to win your date over, but how do you know that you two are hitting it off in the first place? While romantic chemistry is hard to determine, there are other signs you can watch out for. With these basic dating tips, you can figure out if your romance will translate into a loving relationship or not:

  • Look at the numbers
    By numbers, this pertains to the number of dates you’ve been on as opposed to the number of dates canceled. Other numbers you can look into include how often you get in touch within the span of a week, how long does it take her to respond, how many times has she initiated communication, etc. But there are other numbers to look into to help you figure out her personality. For example, how often does she mention her friends and family? How many times has she mentioned her work? How often do you hear her talk about her hobbies? All of these can determine what kind of woman she is and in turn, will help you determine if you are compatible or not.
  • Listen to what she has to say
    Whenever you are out on a date, how often would you hear her speak? Does she actually contribute to conversations? Does she ask you questions about yourself or does she talk about herself a lot? Not only would you find out whether she’s interested or not, but you also find out if there are similarities between you two. You should also be wary of the type of information she shares and leaves out because they convey more of her personality.
  • Observe how she reacts when things go wrong
    Dates can be fraught with accidents and mishaps. How she reacts to unfortunate events is also telling of how well your chemistry is. Does she brush them off and continue as usual? Or does she use them as excuses to end the date early? All in all, how she handles untoward incidents can also tell you whether she’s willing to be with you through thick and thin.
  • Tune in to how she talks about past relationships
    One of the biggest red flags ever is when she tells you that you remind her of her ex. Not only is she yearning for someone else, but she’s also wishing to revisit old times only with you as a replacement. But if she describes her ex (or exes) in a cordial way, you can tell she’s a well-balanced person. That also means she’s open to a new relationship.
  • Notice how often she wants to talk about you
    The more she asks questions about your life, the more she’s eager to know you. That’s all there is to it.

Gauging your chemistry can help you in certain ways. First, you can find out whether you and your date are compatible or not. Second, you can get to know each other on a deeper level. Ultimately, hopefully, it will lead you to find love. You can put these early dating tips to good use by signing up for one of our singles tours.

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