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Ukraine tourism is mainly known for the country’s abundance of beautiful Orthodox churches and some of the world’s most fascinating archaic and medieval architectural designs. What isn’t known to many, however, is that one of its cities boasts exquisite tourism with a totally different niche: unique gastronomic indulgence. It’s a city that will make your mouth water and leave you craving more of what it offers.

If it is good food and a great atmosphere that you are looking for, then Odessa Ukraine is where you should head to. Although Odessa tourism is often associated with summertime due to its location in the Balck Sea, it is also a great destination for foodies. Whether it’s for a family dinner or a romantic date with a beautiful Ukrainian lady, Odessa will surely give you a taste of Ukraine — and we mean that literally. Hop on as we take you on a tour of Odessa’s five finest restaurants.

  • Kumanets Our first stop will give you a taste of Ukraine’s traditional cuisine all while giving you an immersive cultural and traditional experience. Kumanets follows a theme in rural Ukraine that isn’t just evident in its decorations and ornaments, but also in their dishes. Their menu includes homemade sausages, potato pancakes, salo, and herring among many others. Indeed, this restaurant is the place to go to discover authentic Ukrainian food.
  • Alexandrovskyi
  • If you are on a date with an Odessa lady, then our second stop should definitely be one of your choices. Alexandrovskyi is a fine-dining restaurant in a 19th-century mansion. That alone sets a romantic fairytale atmosphere that will no doubt be perfect for an intimate evening with your date.
  • What makes it even more romantic is the lovely garden where you can take a walk in. Most Ukrainian women are true romantics. In most cases, a romantic date in a fairytale-like setting is more than enough to sweep them off their feet.
  • U Gostmana
  • Our third stop definitely deserves special attention because it is unlike any other restaurant you have been to or probably will ever be going to. U Gostmana is reminiscent of a family home. It has old framed photos hanging above a grand piano, a clock, a hat rack, and even a small kettle in a corner. Its interior makes the restaurant look like someone’s apartment which helps create a cozy feeling to its guests. Additionally, the food here is also reminiscent of Ukrainian home cooking, making it ideal for family gatherings.
  • Bernardazzi
  • It is no secret that Odessa has a rich history. In fact, our fourth stop is a restaurant located in a historic building. Bernardazzi in the historic Philharmonic is famous for its extensive wine selection and scrumptious deluxe Mediterranean cuisine made of fresh local produce.
  • Here’s a great tip: the place is even more excellent in the summer as the summer terrace is a perfect complement of the overall southern vibe of Odessa.
  • Steakhouse. Meat and Wine
  • The fifth and final stop of our gastro-tour will not leave you disappointed. This Steakhouse. Meat and Wine is a legendary restaurant in Odessa located in the city’s historical center. What sets it apart from the other restaurants is how their meat dishes are prepared in a josper, on natural coals preserving the unique flavors of the meat.
  • In addition to its food, its interior has a fashionable charm and coziness which is a mixture of traditional ideas about stylish designs that will no doubt make your dinner memorable.

Apart from great food, Odessa is also home to several beautiful attractions and stunning Ukrainian ladies. Odessa women are known to be among the most beautiful women in all of Ukraine. Who knows, your food adventure in the city might just yield to a romantic adventure as well.

Odessa does not just offer its tourists a unique gastro-tourism but a whole lot of historical and war stories as well. More than that, it is a show-and-tell city that shows you its beauty which you get to tell when you go home. What could be your story to tell when you get to travel to Odessa?

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