Food in Ukraine | Ukrainian Desserts Worth Sharing

Food in Ukraine is highly regarded by foodies all over the world. In fact, the country is considered the “breadbasket of Europe.” That’s because a lot of their dishes incorporate their main crops, which are various wheat and grains.

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Sample these dessert food in Ukraine with your date.

Although the Slavic influence is pretty apparent, indigenous and traditional flavors are still very much present. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with their array of dishes that would surely whet your appetite.

It’s worth mentioning that the country is also perfect for someone with a sweet tooth. For this reason, you simply cannot skip dessert when you are out on a date with a Ukrainian woman. Here are the perfect desserts to share with your date:

  • Pampushky
  • Dubbed as Ukraine’s donuts, these treats are usually served during winter. These fluffy and doughy pastries are stuffed with jam, chocolate, poppy, and even fruits. After they are fried, Pampushkys are topped off with a generous drizzle of confectioner’s sugar (similar to New Orleans beignets). Even if you are full, you would probably eat two or three Pampushkys after tasting them.
  • Blueberry Varenyky
  • This dumpling is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. This steamed puff pastry is usually stuffed with cheese. But there are other variants worth trying as well, such as those stuffed with blueberries and cherries. If you prefer a crunchier exterior, you can also try the fried Varenykys. They are just as flavorful and delicious as the steamed ones.
  • Nalysnyky
  • Who can resist a stack of pancakes or crepes? It’s no surprise that Odessa, Ukraine also serves its own version. Similar to pancakes, the batter is fried until golden brown. However, the batter has to be spread out to achieve a crepe-like consistency. Once cooked, it is then rolled and stuffed with select fruits. Out of all the Ukraine desserts, this is one of the few where you can get creative.
  • Aside from fruits, you can also drizzle it with chocolate syrup or spread it with whipped cream. But if you prefer to eat them on their own, they are traditionally served with sour cream or honey.
  • Chocolate Kielbasa
  • Chocolate is another popular fixture in Ukrainian food culture. So much so that they’ve come up with their own chocolate sausage. It’s primarily made out of crushed Marie biscuits, walnuts, cocoa powder, butter, and the secret ingredient of vodka. What you get is a light but decadent dessert. The chocolate is also a perfect palate cleanser. After you’ve had a hearty meal, you can nibble on these with a sip of tea.
  • Kyiv Cake
  • Probably considered the mother of all Ukrainian desserts, this cake consists of layers upon layers of nutty, fruity, and airy goodness. The layers consist of the cake itself, light and airy meringue, apricot jam, and frosting, syrup, and meringue crumbs. It is no wonder this is considered the most popular cake in the country.

Surely after going over this list, you are eager to sample food in Ukraine. When you join our singles vacation to Ukraine, make sure to try these out during the socials event or when you’ve finally found your perfect match.

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