Everything You Need to Know About Acapulco Tourism

Acapulco is widely regarded as among the most popular cities in Mexico. With stunning beaches, natural landmarks, and vibrant Mexican culture, it’s no surprise that Acapulco tourism is booming. If you aren’t familiar with Acapulco yet, you are definitely missing out.

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Discover why Acapulco tourism is on the rise.

If you are interested in visiting Acapulco, better be prepared, otherwise, you’ll be shocked by the weather and cultural differences. You might not be able to predict the predictable, but you at least have contingencies for some of them. One way to be prepared is to learn these essentials, such as:

  • Peak Season
  • If you want to avoid the crowds, then the busiest months of the year are February, June, and July. Expect flights and hotel accommodation to be rather expensive during these months.
  • February, in particular, is still wintertime in the city. The plus side is that it isn’t as cold as you think. So you still get plenty of sunshine without the stifling heat.
  • Still, if the crowds are too much for you, you could always visit around September to November, which is summer in the city. You might find the city warmer than usual, but at least you can take advantage of low airfares and accommodation.
  • Climate
  • As with other tropical destinations, there are only two types of seasons in Acapulco: sunny and rainy. But throughout the year, there are periods that are warmer and with less rainfall.
  • Usually, the drier seasons are at the start of the year, specifically from January to March. This could be the perfect time for you to visit, especially if you plan to escape the chill of the winter season.
  • Food
  • Like everywhere else in Mexico, Acapulco food is heavily influenced by ancient Mayan and Spanish culture. But there are also aspects of Aztec culture that still remain.
  • For example, there are records of the Aztecs selling salsa on public markets. Let’s also not forget that it was the Aztecs that introduced chocolate to the Spaniards and eventually to the rest of the world.
  • Because of the Aztec and Mayan influence, Mexican food tends to be quite spicy. So if you have a sensitive stomach, better bring some medication to help your digestive system adjust to the food.
  • Exchange rate
  • The current exchange rate between the US dollar and Mexican peso is 1 = 19.19 (as of writing). This clearly means that your dollar will definitely go a long way as long as you spend your money wisely.
  • Safety
  • Acapulco is generally regarded as a safe city. However, the city does update its travel guide regularly; so make sure to check if they have additional safety guidelines you need to be aware of.

All in all, Acapulco tourism is in full swing. Hopefully learning about these factors (such as Acapulco safety and Acapulco news) will finally convince you to visit the city.

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